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Microwaved frozen dinners got you down? Feeling tired? Digestion sluggish? Want to feel nourished and satisfied after a meal? Want to cook nourishing, traditional, real food, but don’t know the basics? Start here. Can’t fit nourishing, traditional food into your busy life? With this 3 DVD set, you can.


"Eating Right" may not be what you think ... it is not only the quality of the food, but digestion and absorption are keys to good health. How food is prepared really counts. Learn simple, traditional techniques to make the nutrients in your food more available to your body, easy to digest, and deeply nourishing.  

Spend a day with traditional food chef and Certified Nutritional Counselor Monica Corrado, learning all the techniques you need to cook nourishing traditional food. Enjoy the lively teaching exchange for which Monica is so well known. Monica has taught hundreds of people how to cook nourishing, traditional, real food. Let her teach you, too!

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Monica teaches the whys, the hows and the whens of the following techniques on this 3 DVD set:


  1. Lacto-fermentation

  2. One of the biggest challenges we have today is getting enough live enzymes and good bacteria in our diets. Lacto-fermentation and culturing are age-old, traditional yet timeless ways to incorporate these foods and beverages into your life. Learn how to make your own delicious, full of the "gut good guys" lactobacilli, sauerkraut, punch, and fermented ketchup!


  1. Lacto-fermented beverages

  2. Lacto-fermented beverages are an easy, inexpensive, delicious way to get more probiotics, vitamins and enzymes into your and your family's diet. Learn how to make your own cultured, live fermented beverages at home! 


  1. Crispy nuts

  2. All nuts are full of anti-nutrients that must be neutralized before eating. Learn how to soak your nuts so that the phytates are removed, enzyme inhibitors neutralized, and protein is available to you!


  1. Salad dressings

  2. Organic or not, most salad dressings today are not good for you because of the oils they use, fillers and other ingredients. Learn how to make your own delicious and nutritious salad dressings in minutes! Monica goes over the best oils to use for salad dressings, and teaches an easy, basic dressing formula that can be used to make a myriad of different salad dressings. 

  1. Stock and Poached Chicken

  2. Stock is one of the original super foods. It is nurturing, nourishing, grounding, comforting, and nutrient-dense when made correctly. Stock is the foundation of good soups, stews, vegetables, and grains. It helps to heal the gut, is a great "first food" for infants, and provides high calcium and easily absorbed minerals essential to growing children, menopausal women, and just about everyone who is alive! Bonus technique included, not in Nourishing Traditions: poached chicken! Don't lose that pastured chicken to stock. Learn to eat your chicken and make stock, too! 

  1. Beans and whole grains

  2. Leave those canned beans behind for the nutrition of beans prepared in your own kitchen ... Easy, traditional soaking techniques translate into better digestive health and more nutrients available to your body. You will be confident in your ability to prepare any bean or grain so that it is delicious and easily digested! Different kinds of beans need different soaking mediums. Monica demonstrates which beans need which "neutralizers", in what temperature water, and for how long. She also goes over the need to skim the scum and cooking times.  Learn how to prepare all those whole grains you are supposed to be eating so that the minerals and enzymes are not lost! Monica teaches the difference between "porridge style" oats (breakfast) and "casserole style" rice, as well as cooking un-soaked rice with beef or chicken stock.


You will also receive the hand-outs from the day, complete with scheduling suggestions for the quarter, month, week and day. 

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The information contained in these DVDs is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. It is provided for educational purposes only. You assume full responsibility for how you choose to use this information. Please note, the consumption of all foods, whether raw or cooked, pasteurized or unpasteurized, inherently carries some degree of risk.

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